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A Letter From The Chairman

Dear Member,


I hope that this letter finds you and yours in good health.


There is an old adage “If you don’t use it, you will lose it.”


We have a healthy number of members, and if all those members actually used the club on a regular basis, I wouldn’t be writing this letter.


Being a member only costs £20 per year, £10 for Seniors and Juniors, this gives an annual income of around £4,500, this is not a huge amount of money considering that you have the use of well maintained snooker tables, cheapest drinks (across the board) in the village, Dart boards, Pool tables, a well-stocked bar, a comfortable environment in which to relax with easy parking. And to be frank, it doesn’t even cover the cost of our salaries for one month, and it certainly does not cover the gas and electricity bills, which are due to increase significantly soon once we come off our fixed

rate tariff.


If you are a member and do not use your club, your committee would really like to understand why that is. Please email or write to the club stating your reasons and what you would like to see change. Tell us why you don’t visit the club regularly – it really would be appreciated.


You will have seen the accounts summaries in the bar and will understand that, compared to many drinking establishments, we are in a healthy position. However, since COVID, where people have taken on different drinking habits, our revenue has decreased significantly, and if this trend continues, then, as much as I do not like being the harbinger of doom, the Committee, and Trustees

(who hold the club’s properties in trust for the members) would have to consider winding up the business.


Lose it or use it.


Since my letter at Christmas, I have been approached by a number of people who are interested in joining the Committee and being a Trustee. But there is reticence on their behalf, and this might go for you reading this, perhaps because you are a relatively new member, or use the club on a weekly basis, you ask the question “Why would someone vote for me?”


The nominations form, which is posted at the end of the next AGM, which is 28th April at 19:00 in the hall, has a section on the right-hand side for a nominee to say what they can bring to the club. If you would like to put your name forward and write to Julie in the office giving reasons that you think are pertinent, she would be able to part complete the sheet for you typing in the “What I can bring to the club” bit to make it easier than trying to scribble it out on the wall, or for others to try and decipher any hieroglyphs. You would still need to be proposed and seconded when the sheet is pinned up at the end of the AGM.


There are those amongst you, who will add enthusiasm and a willingness to make a difference. You may have management experience, accountancy experience, you may want to try some different things for entertainments, you may have had experience at another club or pub, you may have experience in community projects (we are the largest community owned asset in the village) you may have a technical background, you may understand maintenance issues. All walks of life add value to a community owned project like the Forest Row Village Club, so do not be shy at putting your names down.


There will be committee members and trustees standing down (none of us are getting younger) at the next AGM; no one can be expected to serve long periods in either position, as the injection of new, fresh ideas and enthusiasm are essential for future growth.


When the outgoing committee members and trustees leave, they will not just run away. They enjoy having a drink and socialising at the club. They will be around to help and guide (where appropriate) the new committee members and trustees.


Anyone wanting to be a trustee, should write to the office these are essential positions to maintain the integrity of the club assets.


Feel free to come and chat with any of the existing committee or trustees with any questions you may have.


Yours faithfully,


Ian Green

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